Floor sanders

Powerful sanders that increase productivity while offering you ease of use.

MC CRYSTAL sells and delivers Galaxy, Leagler, American Sanders and Mirka belt and orbital sanders throughout the province. These machines offer the latest technology to carry out the first stage of renovating hardwood or engineered floors.

These professional sanders can do many things: sand and remove old varnish and paint that is may be present on hardwood or engineered wood; remove marks and defects; and thoroughly clean stains.

Professional grade floor sanders allow high speed sanding. However, you must know how to use the machine with both skill and the right touch so that the wood keeps a certain thickness, all while being sanded evenly.

Belt sander models Montreal

Belt sander models

Several models of belt sanders for professional use are offered by the different manufacturers:

Galaxy : this manufacturer offers different models of 8 and 12-inch sanders as well as a high-tech edger (for wall edges, stairs and corners). We recommend these wideband floor sanders, which are designed to achieve high precision floor sanding work. These machines are equipped with a self-aligning and adjustable tension mechanism (belt) that allows control of the pressure level applied to the sandpaper. This provides a smooth finish, without ripple effects. The final result when applying varnish is therefore both perfect and uniform. In addition, the sanders are equipped with a suction system that immediately sucks almost all of the sanding dust. These machines plug into a 220 V socket.

Lägler : this manufacturer offers several models of belt sanders (hummel and superhummel models), roller sanders (elf and profit models), fine sanding sanders (trio and single models), as well as edgers or contour, angle and stair sanders (flip, elan and unico models).

American Sanders : this manufacturer offers various high-performance machines (belt sanders, edger 7R, EPOCH HD polisher, Legend sander, etc.). Their products have been designed to reduce vibration and to be able to optimally adjust the leveling (a patented system). Their cutting capacity allows the professional hardwood floor sander to increase production all while achieving perfect results.

Portable orbital sander Montreal

Portable orbital sanders

MC CRYSTAL sells and delivers Mirka brand orbital (eccentric) sanders. This manufacturer offers 6 models of electric orbital sanders. Compact and lightweight, these sanders are particularly suitable for finishings, unlike belt sanders that do the bulk of the sanding work. The orbital sander makes it possible to achieve several levels of finishing by using increasingly fine abrasives.

Versatile and ergonomic, orbital sanders consist of a rotating round tray with an abrasive disc. Unlike a rotary sander, the rotation of the orbital sander is not constant in the same spot: it performs a random rotation in orbit of the center. The motor allows it to maintain constant force and speed, while being almost silent.

Orbital sanders are easy to use and allow precise sanding, even near walls (except in the corners). In addition, a vibration sensor allows you to check the vibration level with the myMirka mobile app.

Adjust sander Montreal

To adjust your sander

Our specialized repair shop (formerly known as “the sander workshop”) has been recognized for many years as the only shop where different models and brands of sanders can be repaired and adjusted. Our specialized technician has been servicing floor sanders for over 15 years. We have the necessary parts on hand to efficiently and quickly repair your machine.

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For additional information on hardwood or engineered floor sanders, or to place an order, contact the MC CRYSTAL team at (514) 640-1929. We will be happy to give you the best advice on the product best suited for your needs.

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