Floor polishers

Our experts will be able to you proper advice on the machine that will best suit your needs.

MC CRYSTAL sells and delivers American Sanders brand orbital polishers and rotary (circular) polishers throughout the province. After the sanding work, the polisher is used to perform the finishing work before the varnish is applied.

This machine, which is more compact than a belt sander, has abrasion discs to refine the surface, all while making it smooth and flat. The polisher is usually used with a 120 grit sandpaper (and up to 150 grit on exotic wood floors).

Orbital polishers

American Sanders orbital polishers perform a random rotation in orbit on the center, which allows it to not leave traces of circles (which circular polishers could leave when used by a non-professional).

This type of machine is particularly suitable for finishing work by using increasingly fine abrasives. They are easy to handle and they are lightweight. Their operation is quite simple and does not require extensive training or experience.

We recommend the 3DS orbital polisher, from the manufacturer American Sanders. When you need the ultimate fine finish, the 3DS Orbital polisher outperforms the competition with its 3 rotating discs that offer cross-grain sanding and efficient dust control. The 3DS is perfect for sanding hardwood and engineered floors and providing a smooth, flat floor.

  • 3 high-speed 8-inch rotary discs eliminate the need for "following the wood grain" sanding.
  • The engine requires little maintenance.
  • The vacuum operates independently of the sander.
  • The large dust extraction compartment allows the machine to work longer.

Circular polishers

American Sanders rotary (circular) polishers repeatedly perform a rotary (circular) movement. Their power and speed make it possible to perform the polishing work in less time and with less effort. However, their use requires technical training and experience in this matter in order to have optimal results (without traces of a circle).

We recommend the Epoch HD-20 circular sander-polisher, which is a 20-inch version of the famous 230V dual-speed Epoch HD. This versatile machine offers unparalleled power and productivity. When used at low speed, the machine can be used for sanding between layers of varnish, for finishing and for polishing. When used at high speed with the HydraSand 20, the machine acts as a sander and varnish remover (base sanding).

  • 230V, 2.5 HP motor for loads that do not overload domestic circuits.
  • Dual speed capability for use with different grain and wood types.
  • 25-pound multi-plate weight kit allows you to adjust the strength of sanding.
  • Bright and flexible L.E.D. light (with replaceable bulb) for better visibility.
  • Exclusive tilting wheel system.
  • Optimal dust control.

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MC CRYSTAL is located in Montreal and delivers throughout Quebec.

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