The Galaxy Seirios is a new and innovative belt sander that surpasses its predecessors in quality, engineering, and delivery. The Galaxy Seirios features a new dust tube which helps with weight distribution when the dust bag gets full. This keeps it on the floor and prevents the front from lifting off the ground. The Galaxy Seirios comes with an upgraded split caster on the back which is better suited to hold heavier loads. The Galaxy Seirios has the same aggressive cutting power as the Galaxy 2000. Although it does not have the sit drum like the Galaxy 2000, its belt sanding capability is incomparable with the rest. The Galaxy Seirios is engineered with an easy-access door in the front, so you can have access to the upper rollers and clean with efficiency.

The Galaxy Seirios features:

Superior belt sanding capability

Aggressive cutting power

Does not lift off the ground

Automatically distributes the weight of the dust bag

Better suited to hold heavier loads.

Easy-access door in the front

Comes with LED light