Floor staplers

For an exceptional quality installation, you need the right fastening tools!

MC CRYSTAL sells and delivers Primatech brand staplers throughout the province. The manufacturer offers 3 categories of pneumatic stapler for floors: Expert Stapler, Stapler Pro and Stapler DIY. Each category contains different stapler models, which have their own features. Our specialists will be able to offer you the best advice so that you can choose the stapler that will meet your specific needs.

If you prefer to work with a nailer, 4 categories of nailers are available: Nailer Expert, Nailer Pro, Nailer DIY and Finish Nailer. In each of the categories, different models are offered. Our specialists will help you make an informed choice.

550 ACR PNEUMATIC stapler Montreal

550 ACR PNEUMATIC stapler

Powerful tools for floor professionals

For stapling hardwood floors, we recommend the 550ACR PNEUMATIC stapler model. It is the most popular model used by flooring professionals.

This pneumatic fastening tool is the result of the most advanced technical developments in the installation of floor coverings. This stapler includes the PRIMPACT module, a breakthrough in the industry. The high strength reinforced aluminum head housing provides unmatched reliability, performance and ease of operation.

There are many other models of professional staplers for floors that are offered. By letting us know what your needs are, we will be able to recommend the ideal tool for your usage.

Staples and nails

We also sell and deliver staples (15 ½ gauge ½ “ and 18 gauge¼”) as well as nails (16 gauge in L or in T, 18 gauge L and 18 gauge edge in L). We also sell finishing nails (15 gauges 34 DA).

In addition, among the accessories we sell and deliver, you will find mallets, bases, extension handles, and much more!

How many staples or nails will you need?

By telling us the area of the floors you have to sand, the width of the boards, the spacing between the staples (or nails) and the type of staples (or nails), we can tell you the number you will need.

Contact us

For additional information on Primatech staplers or Primatech nailers for hardwood or engineered floors, contact the MC CRYSTAL team at (514) 640-1929. We will be happy to offer you the best advice.

(A minimal fee of $13.95 applies to orders under $150)