Single component,hydrosetting adhesive with silane termination. Free of water,solvents,isocyanates,epoxy and animate compounds and hard metals (tin),MONOSIL isa product which does not present and risk and danger for health.

MONOSIL offers exceptional adhesion to all substrates and permanent elasticity. Thanks to these characteristics,this glue is particularly suitable for laying pre-finished multilayer and traditional solid medium-sized parquet,on any support, with or without incorporated heating.

MONOSIL is not aggressive towards varnishes of prefinished parquet and does not leave streaks;the other characteristics of this adhesive are:easy to use,high yield,water resistance ans power of sound insulation which allows to significanly improve the acoustic comfort of the environment.

Monosil 600 Single component silane-terninated adhesive Monosil 600 ml(20.32fl.oz.)

QUICK FACT  Low impact on the environment certified EC1 PLUS Whitout risk labeling Excellent metric yield Excellent speading with a spatula Perfect holding of the crest High sound insulation power Available in the sausage version-monosil 600

TECHNICAL NOTES Open time (max registration time(minutes) 45-60 Open time(surface skin formation time) (minutes) 120-150 Trampling after (hours) 24 Waiting time for polishing (days) 5