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adjusted and repaired

MC CRYSTAL DISTRIBUTION repair shop fixes sanding machines and tools for hardwood floors branded Clarke, Galaxy, Lagler, Primatech and many more. If our repair shop is now renowned as the only place where you can get your sanding machine and tools adjusted and repaired, it is because of our technician who has ensured sanding machine repair service for more than 15 years. In addition to our great inventory of parts available in store, the experience and the efficiency of our technician allow him to quickly fix almost any problem your equipment could have.

The repair shop is the reference for wood professionals:

  • For a defective part
  • For a personalized adjustment
  • For new machinery
Sanding machine repair shop



There is no program that teaches how to become a sanding machine repair technician. His engineering knowledge has enabled him to start learning the job, about twenty years ago. His experience, forged through real problems to be solved, has made him an irreplaceable ally at MC CRYSTAL DISTRIBUTION.

Alain Labelle knows his business. He can find the problem of a machine by only talking on the phone.

Joël Renaud


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