Simms roller

Simms Sure-Fine roller

The quality of Simms brand products has long been renowned. Rollers are used to apply all types of finishes on the market.

  • 6 mm and 10 mm format
Richard roller

Richard Ultra-Touch roller

Ultra-touch rollers from Richard company use the microfiber technology. They are specially suitable for water-based finish systems. They are designed not to lose hairs during use.

  • 6 mm and 10 mm format
Sheepskin and wooden block

Wooden block and sheepskin

For penetrating oil systems.

  • 10" block
MC Crystal brush

MC Crystal angled brush

For oil based, alcohol or solvent finish systems.

  • 3" format
Richard brush

Richard brush

For water-based finish systems only.

  • 2½" and 3" format